Dark Moon Crystals - Starlight Frequencies Oracle Deck

Dark Moon Crystals - Starlight Frequencies Oracle Deck

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The guidebook is minimal intentiontally. You are not to be reliant on the guidebook, you are meant to interpret these cards for what they are. You will get a different meaning and activation each time you use this deck. The guidebook is filled with light codes, your human mind will try to understand what these mean, but know that your soul and spirit already know. You will be unlocking and activating with each use. Please know, this was of divine occurrence and channeled directly from Source.

Deck Specs

  •  44 Card Deck with Guidebook

  • Soft Velvet Touch...feels like butter!

  • Gold Foil on Front and Back of Cards

  • Gold Gilding

  • Magnetic Flip Keep Box with Gold Foil

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