Spirit Daughter - Manifestation Cards
Spirit Daughter - Manifestation Cards
Spirit Daughter - Manifestation Cards

Spirit Daughter - Manifestation Cards

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Each set contains 52 Cards + 144pg Booklet + a beautiful box set. 

Introducing Spirit Daughters first oracle deck: Manifestation Cards. These beautifully crafted cards are designed to help you work with your intentions every day. Each card has a  mantra and a corresponding practice that guides you on your next steps in building your visions. Simply sit with cards, shuffle and allow your intuition to choose the right card for you. In drawing cards, you work with the energy of the Universe to give you what you need in the moment. 

The accompanying booklet contains different spreads you can use for different occasions and questions. It also gives practices for each card that can help you manifest your intentions with grace and ease. Get ready for daily guidance through these cards as they help you create your highest visions. 

How to work with the Manifestation Cards:

  • Shuffle them and choose one card or choose several cards following the different spread sequences in the book. Focus on the mantra throughout the day.
  • Look through the cards and choose the one that appears brightest to you. Trust your intuition. 
  • Choose a card and place it somewhere you can see it all day to help remind you of the mantra and energy. You can set it on your desk or in a card holding stand. 
  • Carry the card with you all day in your bag or even place it in your car. Even if you can’t see the card, it’s energy will guide you throughout your day. 
  • Repeat the mantra during a meditation session for at least five minutes to align with its energetic resonance. 

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